29 May 2020

19th March 2020

Following yesterday’s announcement, we have been working overnight on our response in support of offer to those people whom under the government guidelines define themselves as essential workers.

We have agreed that at this time the settings of Barley Wood and Yew Trees will continue an offer for essential workers. If your child attends either Meadowside or Claverham Nurseries these will be closed from Monday, however if you define yourself as an essential worker we will endeavour make arrangements for care at Barley Wood.

To this end we would ask you all to contact your nursery today, either by phone or email to let us know whether you will require childcare and to what level over this coming period. We have carried out an analysis on staffing levels, and not surprisingly given the enthusiasm and commitment of our staff we feel at this time we can continue to deliver to those who are defining as essential workers.

Can I also ask that if you are aware of others who are defining their role as essential, but their provision is not able to open that you pass our contact details on and request that they call us.

We understand that some parents will wish to keep their children at home, and if this is the case we will put your place in our setting on hold and continue to speak with you as the position changes. There will be no fee for this cessation of service.

With regards to our Breakfast Club and Afterschool club offering, we await further information from the local authorities as to how they wish to proceed, and will update you accordingly.

We hope in the coming days to bring together most probably through the closed Facebook Groups a network of parents so as contact remotely can continue, and so as we can provide a range of early years resources to support and engage children at home.

Through this period we will be continuing to act to PHE guidelines and support our staff in doing so with standards of cleanliness and conduct to make our settings the safest they can be.

Kind regards

Martin Hodgson
Chief Executive Officer

YMCA Dulverton Group