Welcome to YMCA Early Years

At YMCA Early Years we offer a fantastic range of childcare options for your family. From North Somerset to Mid Devon, we have beautiful settings across the South West, where we currently support over 300 families a year in our nurseries and preschools alone!

Our wide range of childcare options includes:

● Day Nurseries for children aged 3 months to 5 years
● Preschools for children 2- 5 years
● Before and after school clubs for primary school children
● Holiday Clubs (YMCA Daycamps) for children from Reception to Year 6

Nurseries & Pre-schools

Find your nearest nursery/preschool and book a place today.

Breakfast & After School Clubs

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Daycamps (Holiday Clubs)

Book a place on our popular holiday clubs running throughout the school holidays.

All our Early Years settings are part of the YMCA.

In addition to our Early Years settings the YMCA in England and Wales, support more than 220,000 young people every year, ensuring each young person we meet has an opportunity to belong, contribute and thrive.