We aim to provide a secure and stimulating environment in which children can develop emotionally and intellectually, as well as morally, physically, spiritually and socially, all at their own pace. All aspects of development are interwoven and of equal importance. The wide range of activities and experiences offered are intended to enrich the overall development of each individual child.

As YMCAs we are committed to providing an exceptional standard of care across all settings. Whilst each nursery and preschool has its own identity and operates slightly differently, each share a common YMCA ethos that differentiates us from other providers. Staff teams are highly qualified with everyone undertaking a range of professional development opportunities. The teams work together to share ideas and create magical experiences.  We offer a range of exciting activities for the children and promote a strong partnership with our parents.

Through all of our services we aim to provide each child with the opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace whilst forming secure bonds, enabling them to build a strong foundation in their Early Years that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.